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Mind Over Image

We are a wellness firm that specializes in emotional and cognitive wellness in individuals and corporates. 

We empower and enlighten people, enabling them to resolve each issue strategically. 

Holistic Experiences

Centre for Holistic Experiences is part of Mind Over Image Consulting's immersion programs. 

All our courses are experiential and aim at empowering people to realize their potential, to experience total wellbeing and to be mindfulness in their everyday life.

We nudge them into living more complete aware lives. 

Corporate Wellness

We believe that a corporate entity cannot reach it's full potential without having  mentally fit employees. 

We have successfully trained and empowered multiple corporates across India.


To develop the wisdom and awareness by which people learn to value their own uniqueness and build their skills to improve the quality of their experiences in life.

Centre for Holistic Experiences

Mind Over Image & CHEX

The Centre for Holistic Experiences a fraction of Mind Over Image Consulting which is focused on providing experience based learning for enhancing the journey of life. We focus on enrichment in every sphere thus providing workshops, programs and events that help bring participants closer to their own individuality.

These immersive learning technologies and techniques raise not only the intelligence of the learner but the EQ and SQ filtering down to the outlook, personality and resilience of the attendees.

For centuries, India has been the apostle of knowledge and peace and our initiatives have been built on this philosophy. 

The Summer School Program

The Summer School is focused on being the change that is needed in the world today by sensitizing and understanding the students human dimensions of conflict, and developing a toolbox of transferable and transformational skills such as understanding of the self and the other, understanding life and the ability to overcome challenges, developing a moral code as well as increasing their ability to communicate through various narrative and storytelling skills.

This will enable graduates from diverse background to succeed and to be rooted in self confidence, to be able to overcome life challenges and to be continuously able to define their own personal goals.

The summer school program is for children between the ages of seven to seventeen. 

Workshops & Engagements

CHEX brings curated workshops especially designed to raise a persons sensibilities, exposure, experiences, resilience and awareness. We do this by consistently offering workshops that help in over all development of the Mind, the Body and the Spirit. 

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